About Zen Osteopathy

Zen and the Art of Osteopathy is the fusion of western manual therapy treatment and eastern restorative mindful body work, where the hands are used for diagnosing and treating imbalances related to the whole body and mind.

As an Osteopath candidate at the Scandinavian Osteopathic Society, Meditation, Breathwork, Shiatsu and Tai Chi practitioner with several years of experience in different monasteries around the world, I have specialized in listening to, seeing and treating the human being as a whole where biological, social and psychological factors connect and affect each other.

In addition I am a EDS ECHO Allied Health Professional UK/Europe and EDS ECHO Nutrition trained in hEDS/HSD Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder within the EDS ECHO program (read more).

An individual treatment for everyone by Max

About Zen Osteopathy

Osteopaths are a recognized and established professional group in many countries around the world. There are an estimated 200.000 clinicians delivering osteopathic care worldwide in 46 countries.

The offered meditation and breathwork training is rooted in some of the leading spiritual, science and mindfulness experts in the world.

Zen Osteopathy is also a part of Osteopathy without Borders contributing to free treatments for people in need as well as international volunteering through the Hands With Heart Foundation.



Current treatment offerings

Osteopathic treatment is part of wellness care and you can therefore use your wellness allowance (friskvårdsbidrag).

Manual Therapy | 60 min | 700 SEK

A custom holistic approach - no one-size-fits-all.

Based on your life situtation, history, assessment and goals, an individual treatment of different manual therapy strategies will be applied for your musculoskeletal pain, your chronic dysfunction and your imbalances.


Managing your EDS/HSD | 90 min | 700 SEK

You have been diagnosed with EDS/HSD and you've been coping with it probably for years, then let us take care of it together.

This service is designed to help you manage your daily challenges through a thorough assessment, evaluation, a wide variety of treatments and management strategies. Like the Zebras pattern, you are just as unique in your symptoms. Hypermobile Spectrum Disorders HSD and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hEDS require a hyperpersonalised treatment plan.

Note: You get 25 % discount on every other treatment if you are a member of the Swedish EDS association!


Burnout - Back to life | 60 min | 700 SEK

You are having a hard time to get back to your life as it was before your burnout? You are still feeling off?

This package is a series of 60 minute sessions where we will refill your glass of energy through individual gentle hands-on manual therapy, craniosacral, breathwork and movement therapy.


Zen Osteopathy is a patient-centered way of assessing, treating and preventing health problems in the whole body.

The latest methods from research fields such as musculoskeletal pain, interoception and neuropsychology are applied in a patient tailored treatment. No patient is the same, Zen Osteopathy helps you to better understand your body, why it is not in harmony and helps your body and mind to create a path to get back into balance.

An initial consultation will take place before any active treatment begins. During this consultation, we will discuss and consider all aspects of your life and health problems.

Effects on the bodies efficiencies on circulation, respiration, digestive systems and neurology are often part of a manual treatment.


Meditation and Breathwork

The benefits of mindfullness Zen have been known for 1000s of years in different cultures, regions and religions and have also become adopted in modern lifestyle in the last decades due to its many possitive effects that have been discovered in recent medical studies.

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Tai Chi Chuan:

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